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Our Story

Tremors Synchronized Skating was started in 1998 by Paige Carroll Scott, coach and manager of Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center, and by Kathleen Vaillancourt, a parent.  Paige laughs as she recalls how she conceived of the Tremors, "Hey, let's start a team that will be life changing for skaters and families alike -- and get grey hair quicker than all of my friends!"  Kathleen established Tremors as a tax exempt non-profit and was the first President of the Tremors.

The organization attracted skaters from all around the Bay Area and grew rapidly to become national champions within a year.  The Tremors became well known for their original routines and elaborate costumes as well as their close knit community of skaters and families.  In 2013, Paige retired from the Tremors as Head Coach & Director, passing the torch on to Lindsey Wolkin.

Today, the Tremors continue their tradition of fostering teamwork, artistry and athleticism through the joy of synchronized skating for skaters of all ages.


Paige Carroll Scott


Kathleen & Mackenzie Vaillancourt